mBot Add-on Servo Pack


$ 24.99
mBot Add-on Servo Pack


mBot servo pack is a 3-in-1 pack based on mBot. You can construct "Dancing Cat", "Head-Shaking Cat" and "Light-Emitting Cat" with the components and mBot in the pack. mBot servo pack makes mBot more vivacious and enjoyable, which is of benefit to children's creative thinking.

The first cat: Dancing Cat

  • Dancing cat dances with music,
  • Waving little claw, calling you home.

The second cat: Head-Shaking Cat

  • Looking around for you with its big eyes.
  • Cute, lively and cheerful.

The third cat: Light-Emitting Cat

  • A nice cat brightens up your life.
  • The light pierces the darkness,
  • It's brighter in the sun.

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