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MTG: Pioneer Challenger Deck Dimir Control (Blue/Black)

MTG: Pioneer Challenger Deck Dimir Control (Blue/Black)

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Challenger Decks are the perfect entry point for anyone looking to jump into competitive Magic. Each deck includes a complete 60-card deck plus a 15-card sideboard, ready to play right out of the box. Utilizing powerful and proven strategies in Pioneer, Challenger Decks come built to compete.

The Pioneer Gruul Stompy Challenger Deck 2022 is playable right out of the box and powerful enough to compete in the Pioneer format. Get a 60-card Red-Green deck (including basic lands), a 15-card sideboard to fine-tune your strategy, 5 double-sided tokens, 6 Helper cards for use with double-faced cards, and a deck box (can hold 75 sleeved cards).

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