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Life Is Strange Volume 4: Partners In Time

Life Is Strange Volume 4: Partners In Time

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The fourth volume of the comic series based on the critically-acclaimed, BAFTA-winning video game Life is Strange, following the weird and wonderful tales of time traveller Max Caulfield!

How far would you go, to get back to the person you love? As Max Caulfield embarks on a road trip across America after coming so close to returning to her own timeline, across the transect Tristan and Chloe follow the same path. But, both Max and Tristan struggle to control their powers and it looks like Max and Chloe may never get their happy ending - unless they can find something, or someone, to help them.

Publisher : Titan Comics (April 13, 2021)
Paperback : 112 pages
Dimensions : 6.74 x 0.21 x 10.16 inches

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