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The Stereo Field is a touch feedback instrument. Through human touch, you're creating feedback paths in analog circuitry. The resulting chaotic and organic sounds are the sounds of unstable electricity and feedback. When you place your hands on the golden touch plates, you're touching various connection points in the circuits and your hands actually become part of these circuits. Using one finger won’t create much sound but when you begin to introduce more fingers and more skin surface you will begin to create more paths for the audio and voltage to travel and thus more sound and texture. Each person will sound slightly different.

The Stereo Field can even be triggered by breathing onto the surface, because of moisture in our breath. As the moisture evaporates from the surface, the feedback fades away. The design of the Stereo Field is open, allowing the performer to create sounds, as well as process external audio through skin and feedback. Drum machines, synthesizers and voice will interact with the feedback causing large feedback changes that happen in time with the audio. Patch cables can also be used to patch audio or voltage in or out, allowing you to control external synthesizers with complex voltage feedback. 

  • Stereo/quad modular touch plate synthesizer
  • A stereo/quad audio processor
  • Pressure sensitive chaotic CV controller
  • 8 x touch plates
  • 2 x stereo input volume knobs
  • 2 x stereo output volume knobs
  • 10" x 5.75" x 1.5" Aluminum and Maple enclosure

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