June 29 – July 3 Tinkerers (grades k-2)


Minecraft Project STEAM Lab

In this lab students will be exploring the Minecraft realm while learning about how it applies to the real world by building positive connections, analyzing problems and creating creative solutions. They will learn to be a positive digital citizen by applying these goals to crafting projects throughout the session. Students will be challenged and work to deconstruct and reconstruct structures, enforce principles of renewable energy and learn about aerospace technology both in the digital world and in the classroom. 


Mini City Design

This class will feature all sorts of experiments in which we will design and create our own miniature infrastructure for miniature cities. This means real experiments building and testing magnetic bullet trains, real bridges made from dry spaghetti that can hold up to 50 lbs., and miniature cities and skyscrapers made out of Lego. Drawing from real examples of the city around us, we will use what we know to go deeper and see how the bridges, trains, and buildings we use every day actually work.

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