July 6 – July 10 Hackers (grades 3-5)


Retro Arcade Game Design

In this course students will learn about the fundamentals of arcade game design using different tools. First, they will work on a tactile platform to build, collaborate, and tell stories through video game creation. Students use colored blocks to design their characters and settings to tell their own amazing gaming stories. We will guide the students with storyboarding their ideas on paper. They will use the tactile feature to create levels, characters, and any other art you have in mind. Using an app, they will capture and edit layouts and art, and animate your heroes and enemies. Secondly, they will use a tactile board that they will program games for up to 4 people, create art & animations using game studio app. Games will be shared in the classroom and home.

MAKER GAMER: (afternoon)

Dungeons & Dragons: The Explorer's Dilemma

A fellow by the name of Lord Cornelious Whensworth III, once an expert survivalist, zoologist, and explorer of some renown, has suffered a number of severe blows, both to his wallet and to his physical health. In his situation, he sees only one way out: finishing the new edition of his best-selling atlas, Lord Whensworth's Guide to the Stranger Parts of the World. Nearing bankruptcy and unable to so much as leave his home without difficulty, however, he cannot make use of the many tips he's received regarding unexplored wilderness and the things that might live there, at least not on his own. And so, he has sent for a group of willing and daring individuals looking for the fame and fortune that was once his, hopefully keeping himself afloat with a cut of the money they earn.


The Explorer's Dilemma is a homebrewed campaign for Wizards of the Coast's Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. It focuses on party cooperation to complete a different outing each session, where the goal is to track a specific bizarre creature in the untamed wilds, rather than to hack and slack their way through a dungeon. Players sick of fighting the same old dragons in the same old locations have a lot to look forward to on this journey, where the "typical" end where the adventure begins.

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