July 31-Aug. 4 Tinkerers (Ages 6-8) Summer Camp 2017 

Geek Forest

Real World Crafting w/Minecraft (9am-12pm)

This Minecraft lab has both an in-game and out-of-game element that will help open and build communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking.  Students will not only explore the world of Minecraft and do challenges but will also do projects in the real world based on Minecraft such as target practice in game & crafting mini bow and arrow in the real world.

World of Lego Gears & Motors (1pm-4pm)
The World of Lego Gears & Motors course puts students in the creator seat by exposing students to mechanical purpose and engineering possibilities. With the use of gears, motors, gadgets and other moving elements students utilize building techniques and mechanical principles. In addition, students build sliding doors, grasping claws, and ball-shooting devices. Students explore simple machines, gear systems, and power translation. We encourage students to use their imagination to make their own original models.

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