July 30 – Aug 3 Tinkerers (Grades K-2) SUMMER OF STEAM 2018

Geek Forest

CODE MAD LIBS (morning)
In this course, students will be exploring the art of storytelling and logic through creative Mad-Libs style code projects. Students will learn to use their imagination and get a conceptual understanding of code and programming logic through fun and silly stories. This course is designed to show students the complexities and infinite possibilities that lies within creative programming and the overlap with storytelling and writing.

MINI EVIL ROBOTS (afternoon)
At home, we are surrounded by devices that are becoming automated. What would happen if these ordinary devices became independent? Over this one week intensive course, the student will be repurposing old technology and will be designing robots with intentions independent of their human caretakers. This course for Tinkerers will focus on producing a series of small, hands-on projects centered around the “life” and personality of old objects around your home. Then we will be turning them into self-sufficient robots using simple machines and mechanical attachments. The students will learn to think outside the box and design creatively and with purpose, as well as other hands on skills when it comes to assembly. This class involves no programming and focuses mainly on construction.


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