July 24 – July 28 Summer Camp 2023

July 24 – July 28 Summer Camp 2023

Location: Geek Forest Shop 122 Bedford Ave.

Art + Design Lab: Sci-Art (morning)

Students will combine science and art techniques to create multiple unique pieces of art. Experimentation and risk taking will be encouraged for students in this lab. Students will have the cause and effect of their projects scientifically explained. This lab focuses on abstraction plus different painting techniques based on the power of physics and other creative and quirky combinations that will give birth to radical works of art using the power of science.

Film Production Lab: Mixed Media Animation + Sound Design (afternoon)

Explore the art of stop motion animation filmmaking and sound design. In this hands-on lab, students will bring their unique stories to life and learn to write, design, storyboard, construct sets, shoot, and produce a completed mixed media animated short film. Using GarageBand, students will explore how to mix, edit and compose their own music or soundscape to add to their completed animation.

Monday - Friday 9-3pm
Ages: 6+
Available seats: 8
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