July 22 – July 26 Hackers (Ages 9-12)

Geek Forest


Synth Sound + Design Lab

What goes into producing a sound? We may know what a lot of things sound like but what goes into creating that sound is often unknown to us. While synthesizers are known for creating a wide array of sounds we hear in electronic music, they also break sound production down to its simplest form, allowing us to see what each waveform looks like, and how changing its shape affects what we hear. This lab breaks sound synthesis down into a modular format, making each part that goes into creating a sound observable and easy to understand.

MAKER ROBOTICS: (afternoon)

Robotics AI Code Lab

Meet Cozmo, an educational AI programmable robot. Students will be using Code Lab to access Cozmo’s core functionality and real robotics technology. As kids create their Code Lab projects, they can practice critical thinking skills, learn how to think creatively to design their ideas, and troubleshoot and problem-solve as they test them out. Another amazing feature is Cozmo's advanced facial recognition software, which allows him to recognize faces and learn people's names. With Cozmo students can be creators of technology, empowering them with knowledge and tools to build, create, and customize their world.

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