July 13 – July 17 Tinkerers (grades k-2)


Robotics Coding Lab: EVO

In this robotics coding lab, students will use Ozobot EVO to code both offline and online.  Students will understand its functions, how EVO can be manipulated, programmed and controlled. Students will use foundational programming methods such as block coding, color-coding, and mechanical controls to get creative and use their robots to complete missions, challenges, games, performances and more. 

MAKER SCIENCE: (afternoon)

Soil Exploratorium 

Growing Gardens: The Dish on Dirt: Come spend an immersive week with us and learn the dish on dirt! We will explore soils, find creepy creatures, and learn what makes plants grow. Through the course of the week we will learn about the makeup of soils both around us and in different parts of the world. We will learn about different parts of plants and how they work together in order to grow flowers and then fruits. The students will be led in scientific dissections to deepen their understanding of plant life. 

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