July 10 – July 14 Summer Camp 2023

July 10 – July 14 Summer Camp 2023

Location: Geek Forest Shop 122 Bedford Ave.

Engineering Lab: Lego Robotics Carnival Games (morning)

Utilizing the Lego Education Spike Essential kits, students will engage in hands-on investigation of STEAM concepts. Students will investigate everyday themes and familiar Lego building elements to solve problems through storytelling. This lab combines building elements, easy-to-use hardware, and guided drag and drop based coding for a pleasant user-friendly experience. Carnival games will develop student's understanding of energy, energy transfer, and collision. They'll explore ways of using observation skills as they anticipate the outcomes of changes in energy during a collision, describe the relationship between energy and speed, and predict how energy moves from place to place. They'll also broaden their understanding of energy conversion (potential and kinetic) by investigating a solution that converts energy from one form to another, testing the solution to improve and refine its function.

Art + Design Lab: Comics from Paper to Cyberspace (afternoon)

Students will embark on a storytelling journey through multiple comic book creation media. In this lab students will explore analogue drawings and a variety of digital drawing programs to help the students discover their preferred art form. This lab will build a basic understanding of the fundamental elements that make up a comic book, learn about character development, and short form storytelling. Our class highlights collaboration, communication, and workshopping.

Monday - Friday 9-3pm
Ages: 6+
Available seats: 8
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