JavaScript Coding for Artists Fall 2020

JavaScript Coding for Artists Fall 2020

REMOTE MAKERS (ages 13+)

Price prorated to Sept. 30 start date

MAKER CODER: (5:30-7pm)

JavaScript Coding for Artists


In this lab, we will learn and explore P5.JS, an exciting tool and JavaScript library designed for artists and general creative coding. Students will begin a collection of “sketches” or interactive web pages that can hold and reveal all types of sound, images, and art. We will create moving drawings, drawing programs, interactive maps, and more. Our  time will be a mix of slow analytical learning and trying to make fun ideas real. In addition to coding in a browser, students will be asked to keep a notebook or folder for drawing and writing nearby during the class. P5.JS is user friendly and all of the resources needed to use and learn it are available online. All of our coding can be built and shared via an online web editor so no programs have to be downloaded. Many artists who never thought coding would be possible or computers would become a part of their work have been pleasantly surprised by P5.JS as a new and limitless tool. 


Instructor: Cal Fish
Wednesdays 5:30-7pm
Ages: 13 +
Minimum Students: 3, Max 6
Class Link: Google Meet (invites will be sent prior to class)
Device: computer or tablet for Google Meet & coding 
Materials:  if applicable, household materials list will be sent out on a weekly basis
Start Date: September 23



$ 540.00