In-Person Summer 8/9-8/13 MOON!

In-Person Full Week Camp

Robotic Lab: Moon City Surveillance

A new and advanced civilization has settled on the moon and we’re sending robots in to spy on them. In this class students will be building, coding, and using Pi-top 4 robotics kits and coding Cozmo Artificial Intelligence robots. Students will learn and understand the functions of surveillance robots and explore its possibilities in our test environment they will construct to see how tough our robotics spies really are and if they can handle the Moon City mission.

Lego Stop Motion Animation: Moon Adventures

In this class students will be creating their own stop motion animation movies bringing their creative perspectives of what life on the Moon would be like Stop motion is an animation technique almost as old as motion pictures themselves. Students will learn how to design their characters, use objects for set design, and use storyboards to map out their narrative. This lab is the first step in understanding the mechanics of stop motion animation using a mobile device and designed specifically for the young learner in mind.

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Tuition: $750 
Monday - Friday 9-4pm
Ages: 6-12
5 Days: August 9 - August 13
Minimum Students: 4, Max: 12

If you are interested in any SOLD OUT or CLOSED class
please email for possible availability.