In-Person Summer 8/2-8/6 EARTH!:

In-Person Full Week Camp

Earth Science: Renewable Energy Lab

In this course students will work together to understand design and crafting with the use of renewable energy sources such as solar power, recycling and composting, wind energy, water. Using these sources students will work on crafts with lego building materials and digital projects (via. SketchUp) that can be implemented in the community and around the house!

Urban Art: Urban Street Art Lab

New York City is home to some of the most beautiful works of street art, especially in our home, Brooklyn! In this class students will draw inspiration from community art to create their own graffiti pieces and learn about its culture, style, and technique and break through the negative perceptions of the amazing art form. Students will explore techniques of painting, drawing, etc. & urban advertising. Creating art paste ups. Creating your own tags and stickers!

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Tuition: $750 
Monday - Friday 9-4pm
Ages: 6-12
5 Days: August 2 - August 6
Minimum Students: 4, Max: 12