In-Person Summer 7/12 - 7/16 EARTH!

In-Person Full Week Camp

Invention Lab: Recycled Science

The extraterrestrials are returning to earth to observe our developments in technology and the use of sustainable materials. In this workshop, students will be learning basic interaction and interface design through hacking recycled materials, found objects and incorporating Micro:Bit and block coding into their projects to create innovative sustainable tech devices, while learning about the art of repurposing materials.

Robotics Lab: Aerial Mapping with Drones

In this class we’ll be exploring the art of mapping with Circuit Scribe Drones. Students will learn about the basic principles of flight, circuitry, and programming through block coding to operate their drones and create maps of the areas they explore. This class will include a combination of indoor and outdoor exploration.

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Tuition: $750 
Monday - Friday 9-4pm
Ages: 6-12
5 Days: July 12 - July 16
Minimum Students: 4, Max: 12