HTML Storytelling + Design WB Spring 2020

HTML Storytelling + Design 

This class will include a mix of digital storytelling, creative coding, and graphic design based on the interests and styles of individual students. We will use the application Twine, “a tool for interactive storytelling” to create web experiences without coding before moving into HTML coding in Sublime Text 2 and general graphic design. We will mix drawings on paper with photographs and digitally manipulated images, eventually bringing them into our own web-sites and experiences. We will create individual and group pages based on themes and student interest. Throughout the class, we will look at examples of interactive websites and digital art to draw inspiration and have fun! We will aim to make the internet a more fun and creative place outside of its dominant social media platforms.


Instructor: Cal Fish

Tuesdays 5-6:30pm 
Location: 358 Grand 
Grade Level: 2-7
Available Seats: 6 
January 28 - June 16 
No Classes: February 18, April 14, June 9



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