Geek Forest/Workshop Middle School Camp

In partnership with Workshop we are offering both 6th & 7th graders 3 different remote classes the week that they are off at the start of the school year. We will have a min. of 3 students & max of 6 students for each class. Full week option only. These are online teacher led classes.

week 1: 7th graders September 8 - September 11 (4 days = $170)
week 2: 6th graders September 14 - September 18 (5 days = $210) 


MAKER ART/DESIGN: (9am-12pm)

Sustainable City Design

Instructor: Navida Vignoles

Deconstruct the planning of a city. Learn why the park isn’t closer to you or why the buildings are shaped a certain way and materials. Take that knowledge and develop your own sustainable city while bouncing ideas off classmates! Students will get to explore sustainable global cities and how they are constructed. They will take the knowledge gained in the first half of the camp and design their own 2-D and 3-D neighborhoods and building models.


Music Production Lab

Instructor: Cal Fish

In this lab, we will learn about a variety of fun musical tools and methods available to us remotely in our homes. Luckily, we have more musical tools available to us online than ever! Each day a new tool and media artifact will be introduced before we set aside time to focus in on our individual musical interests, production, and play. All will be invited to share their works and receive feedback from the group. Access to an iPad for Garageband and other apps is very helpful but not completely necessary. This lab will prioritize student interests and needs and can help those experienced with music production continue to grow and build a collection of recordings, and can also work as an introduction to music production and recording. No experience is necessary though a familiarity with navigating digital apps and website will be helpful.


MAKER GAMER: (9am-12pm)

Dungeons & Dragons 

DM: Avery Evans

Dungeons & Dragons is a collaborative storytelling game that will enhance teamwork, problem solving through world building and imagination. Students will create their own characters, form an adventuring party, and explore a fantasy world while guiding their heroes through quests for treasure, battle deadly foes, perform daring rescues, and more. This session's adventure will see our heroes uncovering strange disappearances around the town of Bitterroot, a once-great settlement now lost to time. Adventurers will need to work together, obtain knowledge, and save the people of Bitterroot, restoring it back to its former glory. We'll be using version 5E with milestone-based leveling. The campaign is a home-brew with a few elements from the WOTC resources.


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