Fate Core RPG: What’s in the Name Bedford Spring 2020

Fate Core RPG: What’s in the Name

In a world, otherwise quite similar to our own, but where a select few are born with the innate power to wield a "facet" - a single aspect or an element - directly connected to their very being, what we would call borderline superpowers are fairly commonplace. As a result, would-be "superheroes" and "supervillians" are usually merely just "heroes" and "villians". However, with any amount of power comes at least some degree of responsibility: some use their talents for mundanity and to simply serve as a convenient tool for living a comfortable life, others utilize them to attain feats far beyond what most mundane individuals can hope to achieve by way of creative use of their facet, and others still keep their facets hidden away, for one reason or another. When a shadowy organization begins to emerge and begin to make trouble on a national, if not international scale, however, will anyone rise to the challenge of stopping it?

What's in a Name is a campaign for the Fate system, by Evil Hat Productions. It draws a lot of inspiration from the superhero fiction genre, and takes place in a modern fantasy setting that allows for deep character development and the meaningful playing of roles. What's in a Name has content enjoyable for those new to the Fate system as well as seasoned veterans.


Instructor: Matt Rubin

Thursdays 4-6pm 
Location: 122 Bedford 
Grade Level: 4-9
Available Seats: 6 
March 26 - June 18 
No Classes: April 9, April 16


$ 575.00