Fantastic Beasts & How to Draw Them Winter 2021 S2

Winter 2021 Session 2 Remote Class

Fantastic Beasts & How to Draw Them

Remote Class

In this illustration class, students will get the chance to flex their creative muscles and go beyond the boundaries of their imagination. They'll be creating everything from fantastic beasts, mythical creatures and real creatures, getting every opportunity to give them personality and style. We'll be exploring our own imaginations and learning how to put them to paper. We'll be getting into line work, color, and a bit of character design. Your kids will leave with the skills to create, as well as the confidence to do what they love.

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Teacher: Navida Vignoels
Fridays 4-5:30pm
Ages: 7-10
5 Weeks: 2/26, 3/5, 3/12, 3/19, 3/26
Minimum Students: 1, Max:
Device: Computer for Google Meet
Household Materials: Drawing Supplies & Paper

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