Dungeons & Dragons Intermediate 5pm WB Fall 2019

Geek Forest

Dungeons & Dragons Intermediate 5pm WB Fall 2019

Students will create their own characters, form an adventuring party, and explore a fantasy world. Dungeons & Dragons is a collaborative storytelling game that will enhance teamwork, problem solving, math, and reading skills through world building and imagination. This intermediate course is for seasoned players.


Instructor: Jake Hendrix

Fridays 5-7ppm 
Location: 358 Grand 
Ages: 11+
Available Seats: 6
September 13 - January 24

No Classes: 
December 27



IMPORTANT: Please download, fill out, and email the student info form. *PRICES ARE PRORATED TO REFLECT NEXT CLASS START DATE
$ 685.00

Please email to be added to the waiting list for this class.