Dungeons & Dragons Campaign Saturdays TEEN WB Spring 2020

Dungeons & Dragons Campaign

Have you ever sought to venture to lands unknown and forgotten? To unexplored depths and unseen heights, to ruins filled with long-lost technology from long-lost civilizations, to the outermost reaches of the planets? Has expelling a vile aberration from somewhere it doesn't belong ever appealed to you? What about slaying an overgrown, winged, fire-breathing lizard or two on your way to your next quest? While real life isn't the best place to live out these dreams, Dungeons and Dragons is the next best option.

Attendees will start by creating their own characters in a group, using the game's 5th edition's set of rules. After a few sessions of exploration for these warriors and wizards, they will form a steadfast adventuring party to tackle the dangers of a wild and untamed world of magic and monstrosity. The epic quests they will embark upon will be rivaled only by the danger of what the party encounters on them, and of course, the plunder they stand to gain. 


Instructor: Avery Evans

Saturdays 11am-1pm
Location: 358 Grand
Grade Level: TEEN 
Available Seats: 6
February 1 - May 30
No Classes: February 22, April 11 & April 18 



If you are interested in any CLOSED class
please email carmen@thegeekforest.com for possible availability.