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Dune ReAction Figure Wave 1 Paul Muad-Dib

Dune ReAction Figure Wave 1 Paul Muad-Dib

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Now known as Muad’Dib, Paul is the Fremen leader of prophecy, a sacred warrior who will topple an empire!

This 3.75” articulated Dune ReAction Figure of Paul Muad’Dib features him in his Fremen stillsuit and comes with the Maker Hook Sandworm riding tool accessory.

He has ridden the Sandworms, brought rain to arid Arrakis, and rules an empire! There can be no doubt that the Paul Muad’Dib ReAction Figure deserves a revered place in your collection!

ReAction figures celebrate the iconic 3¾ action figure of our childhood. The iconic size and sculpting style was simple while allowing our imagination to go all in on our daily adventures. With ReAction Figures, we continue the classic size while making the figures we wished we had while growing up.

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