Day Lab 2020: Tuesday, June 9 GP

Grades K-5 
Minecraft Clubhouse Hangout
In this lab students will work in groups to build a clubhouse. They will collaboratively spend time thinking about the kind of space they will want to create. What does your clubhouse need? A game room, a kitchen, a lounge, etc? What should it look like? A dome, a treehouse, ice-sculpted? They will enjoy a great space they built together as a team.

Engineering Bridge Design & Field Trip
Get the scoop on bridges with this engaging and informative lab that combines design and engineering. This lab starts with an outdoor exercise in drawing from observation, and transitions back to the lab where students will try their hand at designing and building a bridge using popsicle sticks or toothpicks. The strength and quality of the bridges will be tested out at the end to see what truly goes into building a bridge that works.

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