Day Lab 2019: Monday, November 11 WB

Geek Forest

Grades 4-8 
Fortnite Streaming Graphics Creations
Do you play Fortnite: Battle Royale, and want to upload your gameplay to YouTube? This class will teach how to create awesome video graphics to put over your gameplay to make you stand out from the rest and look professional! Students will use a simple image creation software called, Paint(dot)net to create the graphics or logos they would need for their videos. Graphic design skills like composition, color schemes, branding, and stylizing will be introduced and practiced during this program! The YouTube video is not a required goal, students can also just make the videos for themselves or family to view.

358 Grand Street (Williamsburg)

Daily Routine
8:45-9am Check in

9-12pm Morning activities
12-1pm Break time & Lunch
1-4pm Afternoon activities
4pm End of day

What should you bring?
Lunch, snacks and a refillable water bottle

Can I bring devices?
Devices can only be used during break time & end of day. (Geek Forest is not responsible for any damages.)

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