Daphne Byrne

Daphne Byrne

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When grieving, support can come in many ways. For Daphne, it came as a demon.

Turn-of-the-century New York is a growing metropolis for many, but not for Daphne Byrne. After her father's death, her mother is drawn to a spirtualistic group that claims to speak to the dead. Daphne sees through their act right away, but something from the other side sees her too. Or someone?

Daphne finds herself in new company, Brother. He offers support and encourages Daphne to stand up for herself...and to use the powers he has too.

Hardcover : 160 pages
Publisher : DC Comics (November 3, 2020)
Product Dimensions : 6.9 x 0.56 x 10.46 inches