D&D: The Final Exam Spring 2021 S2

Spring 2021 Session 2 Remote Class

D&D: The Final Exam

Remote D&D Campaign

Dungeons & Dragons is a collaborative storytelling game that will enhance teamwork, problem solving through world building and imagination. Students will create their own characters, form an adventuring party, and explore a fantasy world while guiding their heroes through quests.

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In the Realms of Metras, adventurers must be licensed to practice their trade much like any other skilled profession. To that end, the Delver’s Academy of Riftwood was established to provide requisite preparation to all hopefuls prior to setting out into the world. Our heroes are nearing graduation. All that stands before them is the final exam.

The Final Exam is a classic dungeon Crawl and a homebrewed campaign using elements from the Wizards of Coast’s Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition with milestone-based leveling.

Teacher: Avery Evans
Tuesdays 4-5:30pm
Ages: 6-10
5 Weeks: 5/18, 5/25, 6/1, 6/8, 6/15
Minimum Students: 3, Max:
Class Link: Google Meet & Roll20 (Invites will be sent prior to class)
Device: Computer for Google Meet & Roll20

If you are interested in any SOLD OUT or CLOSED class
please email carmen@thegeekforest.com for possible availability.