D&D Summer Friday Nites: The Pachyderm Pit

Summer 2021 Remote Class

D&D Summer Friday Nites:
The Pachyderm Pit

Remote D&D Campaign

Known to cutthroats from all walks of life, New Backdoor's Pachyderm Pit is a glorified illicit fight ring with nearly every conceivable bell and whistle. Run by a certain Tetany Mullaha Rixori, and her right-hand man, the host, Ondorov "Kel" Kelloom those looking to make cash can participate in any number of dangerous events, most famously exhibition fights to the death against other ruffians, unfamiliar and often terrifying beats, and killing machines created both in-house and by external third parties. In the Pachyderm Pit, as with any other entertainment establishment, some watch and some perform. But unlike a famous theater house, there are very few people who would genuinely dream of taking center stage here.

The Pachyderm Pit is a homebrewed adventure for Wizards of the Coast's Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition that covers the life and times of a group of down-on-their-luck, low-on-money adventurers trying to get by. It takes a different approach to "survival-based" gameplay: rather than survival against the elements, the party must survive against whatever the people in charge decide would be most entertaining.

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Teacher: Matt Rubin
Fridays 5-7pm EST (2-4pm PST)
Ages: 9-12
8 Fridays: July 2 - August 27
Minimum Students: 3, Max:
Class Link: Google Meet & Roll20 (invites will be sent prior to class)
Device: Computer for Google Meet & Roll20