D&D Campaign: June 11, 2019

Geek Forest

Come join us for a daylong intensive campaign of Dungeons & Dragons with pre- generated characters. Dungeons & Dragons is a collaborative storytelling game that will enhance teamwork, problem solving, math, and reading skills through world building and imagination. ages 11+.  Limited seats. 

Daily Routine
8:45am-9am Check-in at 358 Grand
9am-12pm Morning Campaign
12pm-1pm Lunch/Outside time
1pm-4pm Afternoon Campaign
4pm End of Day 
What should you bring?
Lunch, snacks and a r
efillable water bottle

Can I bring devices?
DEVICES ARE NOT ALLOWED DURING CAMPAIGN! Devices can only be used during break time & end of day. (Geek Forest is not responsible for any damages.)

IMPORTANT: You must complete our registration form to register.

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