D&D: A Local Hero Winter 2021 S2

Winter 2021 Session 2 Remote Class

D&D: A Local Hero

Remote D&D Campaign

Dungeons & Dragons is a collaborative storytelling game that will enhance teamwork, problem solving through world building and imagination. Students will create their own characters, form an adventuring party, and explore a fantasy world while guiding their heroes through quests.

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Our heroes are brought to the city of Coalbridge chasing a criminal to collect a hefty bounty. What they don't know is that the city already has a resident hero that the citizens have put all their faith into. Marcus Strom seems to be everything a young adventurer would aspire to be, but some things may just be too good to be true.

A local Hero is a homebrewed campaign using elements from the Wizards of Coast’s Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition with milestone-based leveling.

Teacher: Avery Evans
Wednesdays 4-5:30pm
Ages: 6-10
5 Weeks: 2/24, 3/3, 3/10, 3/17, 3/24
Minimum Students: 3, Max:
Class Link: Google Meet & Roll20 (Invites will be sent prior to class)
Device: Computer for Google Meet & Roll20

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