Create & Explore Game Worlds 5pm WB Fall 2019

Geek Forest

Create & Explore Game Worlds 5PM WB Fall 2019

This course invites your imagination into the 3D digital space! Create an entire 3D world made of anything you want. Using programs like Unity 3D for the game creation, and Autodesk Maya for 3D models, there are endless possibilities of what you can imagine to put in your world. Join us to learn 3D modeling, 3D world creation, first-person programming, and coding for a game in C#!


Instructor: James Berry

Wednesdays 5-7pm
Location: 358 Grand 
Grade Level: 5-8 
Available Seats: 6 
September 11 - January 22

No Classes:
October 9 
December 25 
January 1



IMPORTANT: Please download, fill out, and email the student info form.
$ 735.00