Comic Book + Animation Lab Winter 2023

Location: Last Place on Earth 531 Graham Ave

Comic Book + Animation Lab: Visual Storytelling from Page to Cyberspace 

This class introduces students to visual storytelling through the art of comics, graphic novels, and digital animation.  Students will embark on a guided visual storytelling journey complete with character development, narrative structure, cartooning, storyboarding, and multiple comic book creation media. The class will build a basic understanding of the fundamental elements that make up the comic books and graphic novels that inspire so much of modern-day popular media. Our class highlights collaboration, communication, and workshopping.

Educator: Arty Kopischke
Tuesdays 3-6pm
Dates: Session ends 3/14, price prorated to reflect current week
No Classes: 2/21
Location: Last Place on Earth 531 Graham Ave
Ages: 6+
Available Seats: 8

If you are interested in any SOLD OUT or CLOSED class
please email for possible availability.