Coder Arcade SAWB WB Spring 2020

Coder Arcade SAWB 

In this course students will learn about the fundamentals of arcade game design using different tools. First, they will work on a tactile platform to build, collaborate, and tell stories through video game creation. Students use colored blocks to design their characters and settings to tell their own amazing gaming stories. We will then explore a web-based beginner-friendly code editor to create retro arcade games for the web and for dedicated hardware. Like scratch, it can be used as a block-based coding and can easily see the javascipt they are building. We will also explore Scratch and Python to code games as well. These tools will allow students to express their creativity in game design..


Instructor: TBA

Wednesdays 12:30pm-2:30pm 
Location: 358 Grand 
Grade Level: K-5 
Available Seats: 6 
January 29 - June 17



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