Code + Hack Minecraft GP Spring 2020

Geek Forest

Code + Hack Minecraft

In this course, students will be combining two awesome activities: Minecraft and coding. With qCraft and Computer-Craft mods students will use a turtle, a robot inside the game, to learn to code, craft and create custom mods.  Students will also learn how to control blocks using code, write programs, create mini games and lots more exciting stuff! This course will help improve their coding skills.


Instructor: Ashley Leon

Fridays 3-5pm
Location: 67 West 
Grade Level: 3-8
Available Seats: 8 
January 31 - June 19 
No Classes: February 21, April 10 & April 17


School pickups are available based on enrollment.

Choose pickup location:

  • Drop Off
  • ps110 + $180
  • ps132 + $180
  • ps34 + $180

Choose regular/late stay:

  • 5pm stay
  • 6pm stay + $270
$ 895.00