Chess Lab GP Spring 2020

Geek Forest

Chess Lab

The chess program at Geek Forest will start with the explanation of the game rules and basic piece movements. From there, we'll get to the exploration of the game which gets more complex as we put more pieces on the board. The aim of the course will be to make sure that by the end of the school year the students know basic game-winning patterns and are able to formulate plans, that can get them there. All of it will be done in a relaxed, fun way, because chess should be fun!


Instructor: Simon Rudowski

Wednesdays 3-5pm
Location: 67 West 
Grade Level: 3-8
Available Seats: 8 
January 29 - June 17 
No Classes: February 19 & April 15


School pickups are available based on enrollment.

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$ 745.00