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Basketful of Heads

Basketful of Heads

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June Branch visits her boyfriend, Liam, on Brody Island for a relaxing last weekend of summer. After an escaped group of criminals breaks into the house that June and Liam are watching, Liam is taken by them. June grabs a strange Viking axe and flees from the intruders. When one of the attackers finds her, she swings the axe and takes off his head, which rolls away and begins to babble in terror. For June to uncover the truth, she'll need to hear the facts straight from the mouths of her attackers, with...or without their bodies attached. Collects issues #1-7.

Publisher : DC Comics; Illustrated Edition (September 8, 2020)
Hardcover : 184 pages
Product Dimensions : 6.9 x 0.62 x 10.45 inches

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