August 5 – August 9 Tinkerers (Ages 6-8)

Geek Forest

MAKER GAMER: (morning)

Minecraft STEAM Lab + Exploring Mods

This lab will take your child on a journey of STEAM based projects that correlate with Minecraft. Each day these STEAM projects will be brought to life and then played out in the digital world. This lab bundles all of the creative aspects that your student loves about Minecraft and wrapped it with collaborative learning and problem solving. The digital portion of the lab features a few different mods that students will explore and skins they can create through Tynker.

MAKER GAMER: (afternoon)

Retro 8-Bit Scroller

Design your own game. It all starts with an idea. The sky's the limit. Build games and tell stories about anything you can imagine. We will guide the students with storyboarding their ideas on paper. They will use the tactile feature of bloxels to create levels, characters, and any other art you have in mind. Using an app, they will capture and edit layouts and art, and animate your heroes and enemies. Games will be shared in the classroom and home.

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