August 5 – August 9 Hackers (Ages 9-12)

Geek Forest


World Creator/Draw & Design your own Universe

Let your imagination come to life! Let’s draw a planet together where there are plants, animals, people who only you have seen. Work on how your animals eat, play, sleep among other behaviors. Let’s talk about how they interact with plants on this planet. How do the animals relate to water, the air, the light?

Creating your own characters and worlds is a great starting point for producing your own stories. Create maps of towns, illustrations of where your characters will live. Throughout the semester, we will develop the world you imagine piece by piece and bring your imagination to life!  

MAKER CODER CLUB: (afternoon)

Code & Hack Minecraft

Using the pi-topCEED modular desktops, students will hack raspberry pi’s version of Minecraft. Students will learn how to control blocks using code, write their first program, create mini games and lots more exciting stuff! This class will help improve their coding skills. Each session will end with open play.

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