August 19 – August 23 Tinkerers (Ages 6-8)

Geek Forest


Outdoor Sculpture

In this class, we will work together on multiple individual and group creative sculpture projects. Using Geek Forest as a home base, we will visit different parks and outdoor locations. Students will be encouraged and introduced to imagining and changing what shared public space can look like and how it can be used. We will learn how to use different recycled materials combined with technology and imagination to create both mobile and site-specific art work. The themes of serious play, being in the world, and public space will be highlighted as we create sculptural shelters, interactive movement activities, textual murals, and more.

MAKER GAMER: (afternoon)

Circuits + Bits Game Design

This lab brings together physical electronic building blocks and digital block programming to help students learn how to code. Student will collaborate, create, play, remix and share their game inventions. Utilizing a block-based environment similar to Scratch, they will code their game inventions and have fun doing it.

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