August 19 – August 23 Hackers (Ages 9-12)

Geek Forest

MAKER GAMER: (morning)

Analog Board Game Design

Students explore the playable systems of board games, remix card/board games, and design/produce original games through pen/paper prototypes. A great class for students with artistic skills, looking to design and produce their own card/board games. By the end of this course students will have a fully produced game they can share at a family gathering, or the next road trip!


Music Production

In this music class, any of experience (or non-experience!) is welcome. In addition to playing with voice and tactile instruments we will focus on using GarageBand and other applications to explore and create songs in groups and individually.  By the end of the class we will put together a group album to be taken home and shared that will include artwork, text, and a music video. All styles of music are open to being explored and encouraged and activities will vary based on student interest and participation. In addition to producing recordings we will participate in group sounding and listening exercises and imagine new media.

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