August 17 - August 21 (ages 6-10)

MAKER SCIENCE: (morning)

Renewable Energy Lab

In this lab students will work together to understand design and crafting with the use of renewable energy sources such as solar power, recycling and composting, wind energy, water. Using these sources students will work on crafts with Lego building materials and digital projects via. SketchUp that can be implemented in the community and around the house. 

MAKER ART/DESIGN: (afternoon)

Comic Book Design

Whether you’re a fan of writing or drawing, comic building is one of the most expressive forms of storytelling out there. Combining literature with illustration is what comic book design does best, but designing your own layout and art style is what brings this form of storytelling to the next level. Few forms of literature are as expansive as comic book design, which is what makes this lab shine. Students will get the opportunity to learn about the basics of comic book creation, helpful tools to keep their pages looking sharp, as well as some tips on how to tell an effective story.


**Due to the pandemic - if courses need to get canceled in order to keep everyone safe, you will receive a credit for future classes.

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