August 10 - August 14 (ages 6-10)

MAKER SCIENCE: (morning)

Sustainable City

We will spend this week getting to know our city and what makes it tick. Cities have been on the planet for a long time and they will continue to be. What makes them last so long? What can we do to make them last even longer? How do plants, humans, animals, and buildings live together in harmony? In this lab, they will be doing soil exploration, compost and terrarium building, identifying the parts of a plant, the importance of water in our ecosystem as well as the concept of water management. Come join us to learn about city ecosystems and what makes them resilient. 

MAKER SCIENCE: (afternoon)

Robotics Code Lab

Using mBlock, a software which supports both blocked-based and Python programming, Codey Rocky takes students by their hands and leads them into the world of avant-garde technology with its inbuilt AI and IoT functionalities, giving them a competitive edge in the AI era. Harnessing the power of mBlock software, Codey Rocky allows children to create dot matrix animations, design games and realize AI and IoT applications. By programming every move made by the robot, not only will children understand each command intuitively, but they will also find it a rewarding experience through hardware creation.


**Due to the pandemic - if courses need to get canceled in order to keep everyone safe, you will receive a credit for future classes.

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