Aug 8 – Aug 12

In-Person Full Week Camp

Gaming + Coding Lab: Minecraft Mayhem: Redstone Circuits

In this fast paced Minecraft recipes class, students will be taught secret Minecraft recipes including: an automatic redstone lamp, pressure plates of many materials, a redstone torch, a daylight detector, and TNT among many other recipes! Students will learn together how to navigate survival mode Minecraft Redstone. At the end of each class students will have an hour of free time to explore their collaboratively created world with the option to play survival or creative.

Immersive Art Lab: Urban Street Art

New York City is home to some of the most beautiful works of street art, especially in our home, Brooklyn! In this class students will draw inspiration from community art to create their own art pieces and learn about culture, style, and technique, breaking through the negative perceptions of the amazing art form. This course will foster their sense of community, creativity and further develop their artistic eye. This class is part art, part design, and part exploration of the neighborhood with field trips. Students will be led on neighborhood excursions where they will discuss stylistic differences, reasonings behind them, and multimodal methods of street art. Back on site, the class will create their own art inspired by what they discovered using a multitude of materials like chalk, moss, & mural advertising like Colossal Media.

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Monday - Friday 9-4pm
Ages: 6-12
Minimum Students: 4, Max: 10