Aug 28 – Sept 1 Summer Camp 2023

Aug 28 – Sept 1 Summer Camp 2023

Location: Geek Forest Shop 122 Bedford Ave.

Game Dev Lab: Retro Platformer: 8-Bit Bloxels (morning)

Get ready to build your own version of Mario Bros.!  In the world of Bloxels you can build your own universe all by using eight color block cubes. Each block has a specific gameplay trait and some can be configured. Create backgrounds & characters. Animate your characters and give them power-ups. With Bloxels, you become the artist, writer, designer and director of your own retro-style video game!

Sound Lab: Create, Code + Make Music (afternoon)

Make some noise, explore a new sound, and create music! In this lab we will work with Soundtrap, a cross-platform digital audio workstation, Sonic pi, a code-based tool for music creation and Pocket Operators, a line of miniature synthesizers, drum machines and groove boxes to create music. Learn to make beats, loops, and effects. They will have the opportunity to collaborate, learn to code sound and create synth sounds. This lab is for music lovers of all levels.

Monday - Friday 9-3pm
Ages: 6+
Available seats: 8
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