Aug. 28-Sept. 1 Hackers (Ages 8-11) Summer Camp 2017 

Geek Forest

Retro-Game Design using Pico-8 (9am-12pm)

Get your geek on and build a retro style game using the Pico-8 Game Console. With LUA coding language and the basics of pixel-art, PICO-8 console emulator is the tool of choice in retro-game development. Students will learn how to code in LUA, create and animate sprite assets, design arcade levels in this multiplatform, and compose video game music & sound effects for their games. Students will make one game, which they can play, and share with the class.

Minecraft Club - Open Lab & Challenges (1pm-4pm)

Open lab is based on the idea of community inside/outside the world of Minecraft. The Minecraft Club is a place where friends help friends, where they all make the decisions with creating, exploring, sometimes destroying and rebuilding and ultimately building special bonds between fellow classmates. There will be challenges and free play.

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