Aug. 14-Aug. 18 Hackers (Ages 8-11) Summer Camp 2017 

Geek Forest

Coding Experiments with micro:bit (9am-12pm)

We are honored to be the first outside the UK to bring micro:bit to our classroom! The micro:bit is small (size of a credit card) computer specifically designed with children in mind. In this course students will experiment with coding to produce step counters, animated badges, and creating sound with electricity. We will be using a graphical drag and drop coding and some text base coding such as javascript.  Some fun awaits you!

3D Game Design with Unity (1pm-4pm)

A Unity Game Project with PVP TANKS!. In this project students will create a single device multiplayer game, featuring 3D tanks which will compete with each other over a vast and complex terrain, featuring music and SFX, in a project that they can share with their friends online in the Geek Forest account. Students will gain coding skills in C# as well as learn the systems of organization in Unity which make creating games so fun and easy!

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