3D Video Game Maker + Controller Design WB Spring 2020

3D Video Game Maker + Controller Design 

In this game design class, you will learn how to make a game using a game controller! Just like a controller you would use for your Play Station or XBOX or Nintendo Switch, we can make a game using all controller buttons! You could make a zombie escape game, or a first-person fighting game from this class! We will use Unity 3D to create the world and program the interactions. You will also learn some C# coding, specific to game creation. This will be a fun and beginner-intermediate level class.


Instructor: James Berry

Wednesdays 5-6:30pm 
Location: 358 Grand 
Grade Level: 3-8 
Available Seats: 6 
January 29 - June 17 
No Classes: February 19 and April 1



If you are interested in any CLOSED class
please email carmen@thegeekforest.com for possible availability.