Geeks in Need Scholarships

Geek Forest now has Geeks in Need Scholarships for our classes. The seats are generated a few days before the start of a session and are awarded on a first come, first serve basis. We send an email to the mailing list as soon as the seats become available. (Please note that available seats are for classes that have not yet been filled.)

There is a required $20 fee per class and beyond that amount, the Geeks in Need Scholarships are “pay* what you can”. You decide how much your family can afford to pay* in addition to the class fee. We don’t do any sort of verification, we just trust that this is the budget you can handle. We can do monthly billing and other options to make it easier for you. (ex: 9 week course = $180 min.) 

Use the form below to be included in our Geeks in Need Scholarship

*Any amount extra you can pay always goes towards improving Geek Forest with curriculum, equipment, teachers and workshops.