Claudia Sohrens
Claudia SohrensSohrens is an artist from Germany. Her work expands on the notion of the artist as researcher, archivist, producer and circulator, and is featured in museum and private collections and has been presented in numerous group and solo exhibitions nationally and internationally.
As an independent curator, she has worked on many projects, including the 2017 "Pop-Up Archive" at ICP/Mana; the “Action Archive” during her artist residency at A.I.R in 2015, a Foto/Pod "What is a photograph?" at the 2013 Dumbo Arts Festival, as well as the exhibition entitled “Ulrike ist Schuld” at the German Embassy in New York in 2001.
Fellowships awarded to her include the Vermont Studio Center Fellowship, ICP Artist Residency at Mana, A.I.R. Fellowship, NYFA Fellowship for Photography, and the AIM23 Artist Residency at the Bronx Museum in 2002.
Her long-term photographic research project 'Mise En Abyme: Archive', has fiscal sponsorship through Artspire/NYFA, where she serves as a mentor for NYFA’s Immigrant Artist Program since 2011.
Sohrens is currently Assistant Professor at Pratt Institute, and faculty at the International Center of Photography. She is also working as a teaching artist with Artists Space and BRIC Arts & Media.
She received an MA in Media and Communications from the European Graduate School in Switzerland (EGS), where she is a PhD candidate in Media and Communications.

Conor Behrens
ConorConor is a seasoned game designer and graphic designer. Currently pursuing a Bachelor's in Design and Technology at Parsons School of Design, his main focus is programming and creating 3D models for video games. Conor mainly creates puzzle games and platformers (or a combination of the two). Outside of school, Conor is usually making music and art.

Hazal Mestci
Hazal Mestci is creative technologist who studies in Parsons School of Design. She interned with artist such as Lillian Schwartz, a well-known artist who pioneers in computer-generated art, and Andy Golub who is a body painting artist. She worked in web design projects for the History department in Parsons, and did graphic design and visual branding for VAUTE. She is doing works in graphic design, physical prototyping, 2D and 3D animation, painting, illustration and creative coding; utilizes traditional materials such as ink, oils, watercolor as well as work with digital media and technology. She has worked with children for many years in after school programs, teaching them yoga, arts, maths and science as well as volunteered with disabled children for eight months. 

James W. Berry
James is a motion designer and game developer who is in college at Parsons. He loves the color red, and loves strawberries. He was born on the most popular birthday in America, September 16th. James has a deep love for animation, wanting to create videos where you get invited into little weird worlds he tries to create.

Jennifer Ramdin
Jennifer Ramdin is a STEAM educator, who was born and raised in Queens, NY. She is currently attending the New York Institute of Technology in Manhattan, where she is pursuing a computer science degree. She's gained her experience through her work as an Explainer at the New York Hall of Science and exhibit creator where she herself had a project displayed in the Regeneration traveling exhibit there in 2013. She is very passionate about the importance of getting today's kids interested in STEAM, and loves to work with children. She is a teacher, STEAM workshop conductor, and store manager at Geek Forest. Here, all of her background knowledge and skills are revealed, as she ensures the kids are having fun while exploring various topics and their interests within the STEAM field.

Jake Hendrix
Jake HendrixJake is a painter and musician from rural Arkansas. He received his BFA from Memphis College of Art in 2007. He makes large, colorful abstract oil paintings and has taught drawing and painting classes to kids of all ages, from five to eighteen years old. He loves to create his own rules and adventures for Dungeons and Dragons and has 20 years of experience with role playing games. He will complete is MFA at Brooklyn College in May of 2019. He also loves cats.

Kevin Vargas
Kevin Kevin Vargas is a Minecraft enthusiast, who enjoys building and destroying things as much as the kids do. He graduated from istituto di istruzione superiore statale Cesare Pesenti as a thermal operator. There he picked up many engineering skills while living in Italy for most of his life and has built on his communication and interaction skills while spending his past summer with the Geek Forest students during summer camp. He's gained his experience in electronics, designing, and crafting not only through his studies but during the time he spends babysitting young innovative kids. He currently attends Laguardia Community College in which he is pursuing a liberal arts mathematics and science degree. He aims to become an educator, and teach kids around the world.

Lori Esposito
loriLori Esposito attended "The School of Visual Arts" and is a cartoonist and fine artist. She has substitute taught with the Department of Education for 3 years. Lori is currently attending Graduate school for School Counseling and enjoys teaching art to children part time. She loves anime, comics, gardening, and music mixing.

Liana Nudelman
Liana Helene is an artist and musician of multiple disciplines who has extensively toured with both their band and solo work across North America. Liana is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree from Eugene Lang College at The New School majoring in Urban Studies and minoring in Japanese language studies. Liana was an artist in residence at The Silent Barn for two years. Having worked jobs from research assistant to dishwasher to tour guide at The Skyscraper Museum, Liana has worked with children and art for over ten years.

Mark Hurwitt
Mark Hurwitt grew up in an environment that emphasized art, music, literature and politics and has been drawing for as long as he can remember. He has a B.A. in Creative Writing and has done post-graduate work at the School of Visual Arts and the University College of Dublin. He is also a certified ESL instructor. Mark has won many awards for his artwork and has illustrated more than 25 educational books. His political cartoons are widely published, have been translated into many languages and currently have an extensive presence on the internet. Mark Hurwitt has been working as a teaching artist in public schools, libraries, community centers and homeless shelters since 1998. He uses cartooning’s combination of words with images as a learning tool to expand student’s vocabulary and develop their organizational and analytical thinking skills. Students gain self-esteem as they learn how to access their creative abilities.  For more information on Mark, please visit his website.

Matt Rubin
Matt is a senior at New York University. He has interests in the areas of literary analysis, critical theory, and game design. Creating content for and GMing Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition is one of his favorite hobbies, and he looks to teach literature courses in the future.

Sean Greathead
Sean is a visual artist who uses both traditional and digital media to create illustrations, posters, and screen prints. His interest in art has put him in a unique position to understand both fine-art traditions and current technology. In addition to his own projects he has worked with a range of other artists using Illustrator and Photoshop to help realize their work. For 10 years he worked in the digital production department alongside a team of people to find ways to paint-large sculptures and paintings for various museums and galleries. After many of his colleagues and friends started requesting help using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, he took their questions and developed a structured curriculum. Sean also teaches at the American Graphics Institute.

Simon Rudowski
Simon RudowskiI learned to play chess as a small kid from my father.  Playing with my father and my brother was a regular form of entertainment in our family home. My interest in the game grew and I kept playing whenever I had a chance. I regularly play in tournaments organized at the Marshall Chess Club, I’m also an organizer of the weekly Brooklyn Speed Chess Meetup Group, which meets for casual play and study sessions. The group has become such a success that we managed to create two teams, which compete in New York’s Commercial Chess League. I’m a contributing writer to a popular chess blog, brooklyn64. Some of my recent personal chess achievements include winning prizes in the Fide Monday tournaments at the Marshall, second place in my rating group at the Empire City Open tournament, and the 5th best individual score in the 2011/12 season of the Commercial Chess League. Teaching chess seemed to be a natural consequence of this process as I have always enjoyed discussing the game as much as playing it, so when a friend of mine asked me to teach some of his students that he wasn’t able to, I was happy to do it and since then I have enjoyed helping my students discover the secrets of this game.