Geek Forest Remote Tutoring & Homework Support

Geek Forest Remote Tutoring and/or Homework support will pair students from grades K-12 with a tutor/mentor that will support and help them overcome any academic challenges they may have and help them improve and strengthen their academic skills across a multitude of subjects and areas of focus.

We’re offering a positive, unique, and convenient method of tutoring that is flexible and will allow students to receive the support they need regardless of physical distance. Our tutors strive to provide students with the best personalized experience by being someone they can lean on, with no judgement, a positive and supportive attitude and learning environment.

Our goal is to identify the best method to approach your child’s academic needs and work with them to ensure they are confident, achieving better study habits, understanding their material, improving their skills, succeeding and excited to learn! 

We provide one on one, small study groups or Pods!

K-12 subjects include: Maths, Sciences, Writing, Reading, ELA, SHSAT Prep, SAT Prep & ACT Prep & Coding. 

Sessions will be conducted via Google Meet

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